What Is?

“The Diva Makeover is a personal journey to uncover the Deva within. The strong beautiful, capable, outstanding, graceful, sensual, spiritual woman you want to be or may not realize you already are! I did it and so can you!“

The Diva Makeover is an affordable and convenient program that transforms women into sexy fabulous goddesses who are confident, fit, and satisfied!

  • We assist women in getting in touch with and staying connected to the Four Dimensions of Femininity (Flirt, Vixen, Diva, & Goddess)  to ensure that their needs are meet in a way that pleases everyone including them!
  • We assist women in sexually unsatisfying long-term relationships/marriages have the confidence and knowledge to enjoy ALL aspects of being with their partner
  • We help women meet and exceed their fitness & weight loss goals with nutritional supplements, fitness classes, and breakthroughs in their thought patterns that stop them from doing what they know to do to lose weight
  • We teach women how to care for their skin and wear make-up such that their natural beauty is enhanced and they are more attractive to themselves and the world!
  • We coach women in how to be assertive and bold in a way that is powerfully effective yet still feminine.


  • Diva Detox
  • Wellness Webinars
  • Coaching
  • Diva Dance Classes