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Can Wearing Your Bra Cause Cancer?


Good question huh? Just like the debate on birth control pills there is no definitive answer. What I do know is that before everyone was wearing underwire bras and taking birth control pills, it seemed like there were less instances of breast cancer.

I don’t know if going wireless is the full proof answer, but I do think that taking on one small behavior that could make the difference long time is the smart thing to do. So, I am transitioning to being Wireless.

I just picked up my first three wireless  bras. So far they feel and fit well and look nice too. I will definitely keep some wired bras around for aesthetic purposes, but my goal is that my day to day foundation garments for my girls be wirefeee!

Find out more –> http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/05/19/Can-Wearing-Your-Bra-Cause-Cancer.aspx

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