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Graceful Goddess

The Graceful Goddess

GRACE: Beauty or charm of form, movement, or expression; Kindness, dignity, elegance, poise

GODDESS: ·  A woman of superior charms or excellence, great beauty or grace

THE GRACEFUL GODDESS – A woman who loves herself, her body and her spirit    She moves with grace struts with sensuality & strides with sizzle.  The Goddess can both love and care for herself and those around her.  She has inner peace and radiates confidence, femininity, & grace.  The Goddess has it all.  She is 100% comfortable in her skin HOWEVER it looks because she knows that the secret to being peaceful, confident, and graceful comes from living a balanced life.

Topics Covered:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Abundance
  • Wellness

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Sister Bag Project 2015
Sister Bags are care packages designed to bring a little luxury, pampering, and inspiration to women going through a rough patch this season. trooplogo-webGirl Scout Cadette Troop 1290 and I are on a mission to create 100 Bags this season filled with Luxurious Mary Kay Products! So please purchase and donate products for a Sister Bag.

Single & Satisfied
On the journey to Manifesting the Relationship of your dreams a crucial step is learning to thrive during the process. No one WANTS to be alone, but there is a huge difference between suffering through singledom and sailing into relationship bliss! In the awesome foundation course of the Diva Makeover Manifesting Mr. Right series, participants learn how be happy while attracting the love they desire!

Sacred Sex
sa·cred    [sey-krid] - adjective devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose; consecrated. entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy. pertaining to or connected with...

Manifesting Mr. Right
The quality of our lives is made up of the relationships with have with people, romantic, professional, platonic, familiar, and otherwise. So whether you’ve been dating for a while, yet haven’t met “The One," are with someone, but it just i...

Making time for yourself and your well-being is a crucial aspect of being a Deva!  This seminar covers what Me-Time is (and isn't) and how to find the time to take care of yourself Mind, Body & Spirit! [mp_product_meta product_id="535" labe...

Graceful Goddess Affirmation
THE GRACEFUL GODDESS – A woman who loves herself, her body and her spirit. She has inner peace and radiates confidence, femininity, & grace. Looking for a breakthrough in wellness and peace of mind? This is the audio for you!

Diva Makeover Affirmations -Download
The Dimensions of Femininity Affirmations are audio recordings that will work on your subconscious mind to shift the way you think about your self resulting in changes in the way you live your life! If you want to be be a Diva you have to think like one!

Belly Dancing
A middle eastern style dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements with the hips and abdomen. Belly Dancing was originally taught to young women in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth. During the Exoticise C...