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Virtuous Vixen

VIXEN: A Sensuous Liberated Woman well aware of her sexuality who knows how to use her sensuality to get what she wants.

VIRTUOUS: of moral excellence, not indulging in unlawful* sexual activity
*In opposition to your personal morals, values, and/or beliefs

The Virtuous Vixen is a sensuous woman who understands that Virtuous does not equal prudish or frigid. She is clear that to be a Vixen does not mean to be loose, lewd, or malicious. She owns her sexuality and uses it for good. She is not ashamed to be a woman, of being sensual, or being sexual. She is the wife that keeps the marriage bed hot and the girlfriend men beg to marry. She is the ultimate seductress who knows what she wants and how to get it with honor, integrity, and a lot of fun!

The Virtuous Vixen Curriculum of the Diva Makeover is designed for any god-fearing woman who has ever wondered how to balance her sensual and spiritual sides. This course is for the wife/girlfriend who finds it hard to let loose in the bedroom or finds herself less that 100% satisfied with her intimate life. It’s for the single woman wondering how to maintain her virtue while waiting for Mr. Right and/or marriage.

At the completion of this course she will understand what she needs, how to get it, and why there is NOTHING UNGODLY with being SEXY!

Topics Covered:

  • Dating without Desperation
  • Sexual Satisfaction
  • The Secret to Sensuousness
  • Dissapearing Spiritual/Sexual Conflict
  • Celibacy without suffering
  • Secrets to True Intimacy & Connection

This course is done as a Tele-seminar and includes a Diva Dance Workshop**!
**If you are not in a Diva Dance area, alternate classes or videos may be substituted and the tuition will be adjusted.

Products & Courses

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Being Sensuous
Sensuous Highly appreciative of the pleasures of sensation To be a sensuous woman is to know pleasure both how to give and receive!  Your awareness of and connection to your senses have a direct correlation to being a Vixen. In this course we

Intimacy: Connection & Communication
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