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Wellness Wednesdays – Herbal Hour & Diva Dance

The road to Wellness starts with information and ends with application. Each week during Wellness Wednesday you’ll have the chance to do both! 7:30 Herbal Hour & 8:30 Diva Dance Class!

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Clear Cancel Delete Detox Party

The road to Peace, Serenity, and Optimal Health begins with releasing that which doesn’t serve you! Learn how to rid your body of excess toxins, jumpstart your weight loss, optimize your well being, and start to be CLEAN!!!

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Healthy, Wealthy, & Fabulous Registration

hat good is money if you’re too sick to spend it? What good is great health if you’re too broke to have any fun? The healthy, wealthy,fabulous program is designed to make a new woman out of you!

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10 Minutes to Fabulous Challenge

THE FITNESS CHALLENGE FOR THE BUSIEST DIVA. Think you don’t have time to work out? Think again. Tony Horton maximizes every minute of these 10-minute routines, so you get the most out of your workout—and your day! For busy people, every second is precious. Tony’s Super Stacking Technique™ combines toning and resistance bands with cardio …

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