Jul 26

A Magic Wand for Life’s "Moments"!

We all have those days or string of days where life gets hectic. You know…you’ve been up all night with a sick kiddo, studying for an exam, juggling work, school, family and life. Stress and lack of sleep doesn’t wear well on our skin and under-eye area.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand to wave away the blemishes and under eye circles those crazy, stressful, sleepless, skin-sabotaging days can cause? Well, the next best thing is here, Mary Kay Undereye Corrector and Perfecting Concealer! Wave that magic doe foot applicator and you’ll be all set to tackle the day looking cheery, well rested and flawless!

Mary Kay Undereye Corrector helps me neutralize the purplish tone in my (inherited, lucky me) under-eye circles.  I love this because I can avoid using a concealer that is too light for my skin tone which then makes my under-eye area look overly bright. It is so not good to see a photo of yourself on social media and your under-eye area is so bright you look like you have that ‘deer in the headlines’ look or as I say – ‘reverse raccoon’ eyes. So not good.

Here’s my trick for applying the right amount of under-eye corrector. I apply three dots; always starting in the inner corner working towards the outer corner.  I blend by tapping with my ring finger from the inner corner outward.  I then use a dot of Perfecting Concealer Beige 1 in the inner corner only and tap to blend, enough to perfectly brighten just that inner under-eye area.

I love that this formula wears well, is lightweight and has light reflecting pigments! So, while life’s crazy moments are unavoidable, Mary Kay Undereye Corrector and Perfecting Concealer can help you put your best face forward!

Alba Castro with Mary Kay’s US Consultant Marketing team who is a beauty product addict. She is also passionate about supporting the Mary Kay Sales Force in achieving their goals.


Originally Found on Mary Kay's Blog


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