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Jul 01

Fabulous Friday 123 Radiance!

How to have Beautiful Skin doesn’t have to be a mystery. In the Fabulous Flirt portion of the Diva Makeover, the Radiance Module breaks it down! Here are a few tips to get you started!

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Oct 22

Single & Satisfied

On the journey to Manifesting the Relationship of your dreams a crucial step is learning to thrive during the process. No one WANTS to be alone, but there is a huge difference between suffering through singledom and sailing into relationship bliss! In the awesome foundation course of the Diva Makeover Manifesting Mr. Right series, participants learn how be happy while attracting the love they desire!

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Dec 02

Fabulous Flirt Course

FABULOUS: astounding, amazing, immense, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, astonishing, legendary, unbelievable, breathtaking, phenomenal. FLIRT: to chat up talk or behave amorously, without serious intention. THE FABULOUS FLIRT Is a woman aware of her power and mystique.   She is clear that being a “girl” has its benefits and knows how to play it up when she wants …

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Nov 02

Diva Makeover Winter for 2011

Imagine a life where you are totally satisfied with how things are going.  You look great, you are in a fantastic relationship, your finances are secure and you love being alive!   Divas we are committed that you have all of that and more!  If this sounds like what you want for you life ENROLL IN …

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