Dec 02

Dynamic Diva Course

DYNAMIC: In action, vibrant, full of life, energetic, vigorous

DIVA: A woman of rare, outstanding talent

THE DYNAMIC DIVA – Aaah the Diva, so fabulous; she has style she has flair, and she is always together!   A woman who is strong and graceful, and knows that being fulfilled starts with taking care of herself. She who demands that her needs be met, she knows who she is, never forgets where she came from, what she came through, where she is going, and will not stop until she gets there!

The Dynamic Diva Program portion of the Diva Makeover is designed for the woman who is ready to balance her strength with being feminine, AND; discover the secret of being fulfilled. For the busy mother who can’t seem to find time for herself.  For the professional woman ready to take her image and career to the next level.  For the

At the completion of this course she will understand how to have power over her schedule, get what she wants, and do it with style and grace!

Topics Covered:

  • Power Scheduling
  • Empowering Others
  • Getting Satisfied
  • Glamour & Asset Management