Dec 02

Fabulous Flirt Course

FABULOUS: astounding, amazing, immense, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, astonishing, legendary, unbelievable, breathtaking, phenomenal.

FLIRT: to chat up talk or behave amorously, without serious intention.

THE FABULOUS FLIRT Is a woman aware of her power and mystique.   She is clear that being a “girl” has its benefits and knows how to play it up when she wants to.  A chameleon able to move in and out of any situation using her charm and graces to put anyone at ease, people are drawn to her smile, her laugh, and her beautiful spirit.

The Flirt Program is designed for women ready to shed the tomboy of their youth and step into the power and mystic of being a woman.  This course is for the Plain Jane afraid to wear make-up or stuck in a style rut because she is afraid of looking like a clown. For the shy girl who wonders how to snag the guy she has had her eye on.  For the woman ready to stop dating jerks and start to meet and connect with real men.  This course is for any woman who hides behind her make-up and/or labels because she doesn’t know how to shine on her own.

At the completion of this course she will understand how to look her best, her strengths, and how to use her assets to have fun and be fabulous!

Topics Covered: