Apr 14

Fabulous Flirt Mini Makeover


FABULOUS: astounding, amazing, immense, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, astonishing, legendary, unbelievable, breathtaking, phenomenal.

FLIRT: to chat up talk or behave amorously, without serious intention.

THE FABULOUS FLIRT Is a woman aware of her power and mystique.   She is clear that being a “girl” has its benefits and knows how to play it up when she wants to.  A chameleon able to move in and out of any situation using her charm and graces to put anyone at ease, people are drawn to her smile, her laugh, and her beautiful spirit.

A Fabulous Flirt  Mini-Makeover is a fun sneak peek into the sassy fun the Fabulous Flirt Program offers.  Learn the art of sensual movement in a Striptease class and learn how to have a natural glow in a radiance workshop!

Gather up to 10 Friends for 2.5 Hours of flirty fabulous fun!


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