The key to being a Deva (fit, fabulous, satisfied, free, & living a life you love) is to achieve balance in the key areas of life


Having to do with creativity, work, career, the fulfillment of your DIVINE PURPOSE, the stimulation and expansion of your ability to think, create and have mastery over your conscious and sub-conscious thoughts

  • Inputting positive & right thinking via lectures, books, and/or discussions
  • Clearing negative talk/information via journaling/talking
  • Finding gratitude with what you have
  • Finding work that is fulfilling and is a contribution


having to do with health, well-being, the physical body and its ability to perform

  • Eating right which means moving towards a diet rich in LIVE foods and whole foods.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, lean sources of protein  whole grains, minimal preservatives additives, and non-naturally occurring/processes items
  • Movement – keeping the physical body in motion, building strength & endurance (Five Rights and or Sun Salutations)


Having to do with your knowing, being connected to, in communication with, and guided by God/Creator/Allah/Universe/The Source of all life and all things

  • Prayer/Affirmation: making requests and/or declaring what is, and shall be
  • Meditation: quiet communication with the source/being open to the source/God
  • Downloading: capturing messages from the source/within/God


Having to do with your ability to flow in the material world, your ability to purchase, buy, do and attain things you want

  • Paying yourself FIRST – saving at least 10% of your income
  • GIVING – giving 10% of your income to your sources of inspiration and/or spiritual upliftment
  • Living well within your means


having to do your Serenity State of Mind, Peace of Mind, general feeling of aliveness and enthusiasm for life

  • Get present and disconnect from the emotion
  • Being with ALL emotions, but experiencing them rather than being caught up with them
  • Fear & Anger run us b/c we try to resist/control them vs allowing them to be


Having to do with family, friends, romance and relationships with other people

  • Having a support network of friends and family
  • Being in loving, supportive, creative, partnerships
  • Spending time with like-minded people, stimulating, joy, growth, and full self-expression