Nov 02

Diva Makeover Winter for 2011

Imagine a life where you are totally satisfied with how things are going.  You look great, you are in a fantastic relationship, your finances are secure and you love being alive!   Divas we are committed that you have all of that and more!  If this sounds like what you want for you life ENROLL IN THE DIVA MAKEOVER today! We are committed to you having everything you want in more this year.  We have listened to everything you said about how hard it is to “get it together” and the Diva Make-over is the way to get in gear!

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Diva Makeover Introductory Seminar

Over a period of 6 months you will explore the Four Dimensions of Femininity

  • Flirt: Embracing the soft vulnerable aspect of being a woman
  • Vixen: Owning the sensuous, sexual women inside
  • Diva: Balancing strength with grace
  • Goddess: Manifesting peace, serenity, and prosperity

and reinvent yourself as the the vibrant, sexy, brilliant, woman you were always meant to be!

Course Schedule

Intro Intro Call 8:00p – 9:00p CST
Flirt Radiance>>
Flirt Manifesting Mr. Right >>
Flirt The Art of Sensual Movement (Striptease)>>
Flirt 5 Minutes to Fabulous >>
Vixen Being Sensuous>>
Vixen The Art of Seduction
Vixen Seduction in Motion (Lap Dancing)
Vixen Sacred Sex
Diva Me-Time>>
Diva Glamour & Style
Diva Satisfaction
Diva Strength & Grace (Pole
Goddess Serenity
Goddess* Health & Well Being
Goddess Prosperity: Devas & Dollars
Goddess Goddess Energy (Belly