Dec 02

Graceful Goddess Course

The Graceful GoddessGRACE: Beauty or charm of form, movement, or expression; Kindness, dignity, elegance, poise

GODDESS: ·  A woman of superior charms or excellence, great beauty or grace

THE GRACEFUL GODDESS – A woman who loves herself, her body and her spirit    She moves with grace struts with sensuality & strides with sizzle.  The Goddess can both love and care for herself and those around her.  She has inner peace and radiates confidence, femininity, & grace.  The Goddess has it all.  She is 100% comfortable in her skin HOWEVER it looks because she knows that the secret to being peaceful, confident, and graceful comes from living a balanced life.

The Graceful Goddess portion of the Diva Makeover is designed for the woman who is ready to move past looking good, to feeling good and being well. This program is for the woman ready to increase her abundance.    For a woman who will take a look at what it will take to be able to balance all sides of her life. This curriculum enriches you mind, body and spirit.

At the completion of this course she will have the tools to be a balanced woman who has learned how to nurture her well-being to radiate confidence, sensuality & grace.

Topics Covered:

  • Serenity in the midst of chaos
  • Prosperity Principles
  • Living Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise
  • Unleashing Feminine Power