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Jul 09

Renew Your Spirit at Sista Night Spiritual Spa!

When you register for Reset Restore Rejuvenate, you get a BONUS!! Friday evening we’re having a Sista Night Spiritual Spa event facilitated by Lakeysha Moutry! As women of today’s time we deal with a lot of questions, concerns, worries, anger, anxieties, and uncertainty.  What we don’t understand is WHY are we going through the same situation …

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Apr 15

Graceful Goddess Mini Makeover

A Graceful Goddess gives you a taste of what the Diva Makeover Graceful Goddess program has to offer. Learn how to honor your body temple through yoga and nourish yourself with good food and lifestyle changes that promote optimal well-being!

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Feb 18

40 Day Prosperity Plan

What good is money if you’re too sick to spend it? What good is great health if you’re too broke to have any fun?

Let’s make a deal. Join me in transforming your HEALTH AND YOUR WEALTH! Wouldn’t THAT MAKE DIFFERENCE in your life? Enroll in Healthy, Wealthy, & Fabulous with me! This program delivers


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Nov 07

Grace – Inspiration & Motivation

Listen to an inspirational & motivational session with your favorite Diva!

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Dec 05

Diva Makeover 2012

Imagine a life where you are totally satisfied with how things are going.  You look great, you are in a fantastic relationship, your finances are secure and you love being alive!   Divas we are committed that you have all of that and more!  If this sounds like what you want for you life ENROLL IN …

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