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Sep 14

Egyptian Yoga ATL

Curious about Yoga?
Even more intrigued by Egyptian Yoga?
Join us for an Intro to Egyptian Yoga class series!
Your team of Basus will take you through simple yet powerful series of postures and share the awesomeness that is the African Centered Yoga lifestyle!

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coloringSo you’re not into meditation you say? Ok, how about trying this?



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Apr 15

Graceful Goddess Mini Makeover

A Graceful Goddess gives you a taste of what the Diva Makeover Graceful Goddess program has to offer. Learn how to honor your body temple through yoga and nourish yourself with good food and lifestyle changes that promote optimal well-being!

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Feb 07

New Day!

Today I woke up with the thought that each day is a new opportunity to move towards or away from being my true divine self.

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Jan 02

Source – Motivation & Inspiration

  Source GOD IS MY SOURCE OF INFINITE GOOD. A miner digs deep into the earth to find gold. To be successful, he may have to search for years, with many false starts. The source of abundance in my life is God, infinite and ever-present. Unlike the miner who requires great effort and expense to …

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